"he owns a world of technique - take that for granted. he always knows exactly where he is going and
what he is doing. he never for an instant miscalculates. he communicates urgently but with strict control.
he is alert to every manner of nuance and at every dynamic level his tone flatters the ear."
los angeles times
"norman krieger, whose recital closed the national gallery's concert season, is one of the better-kept
secrets on the concert circuit. his performance of music by bach, prokofiev, beethoven and chopin
revealed an artist of unusual sensitivity with the technical control to do absolutely anything he wants
and the sense to do so poetically."
the washington post
"in his debut recording, krieger's rendition of the three gershwin preludes is definitive; the first and
third display virtuoso jazzy rhythms; the second shows a haunting blues style with gorgeous tone."
"norman krieger may have sought too much profundity in mozart's variations on a theme of duport,
but in doing so, he displayed a lovely, velvety touch, which served him well in three pieces by chopin.
the nocturne, especially, was beautifully turned out and sustained. but mr. krieger's fingers lack
nothing in steel, as he appropriately showed in the études."
the new york times
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